Companies with Soul are more successful especially in economic terms. 

Building Corporate Soul


Every company faces new challenges every day and many of them can only be solved through change within the company itself. 
But how do you lead employees through such a transformation? How do you maintain productivity, culture, and success when new demands are added every day? 
To manage this, everyone needs to share a common understanding, behaviour and purpose. 

This is what the Soul System® is all about: creating a corporate culture that drives business success. 

The Soul System® is a framework that aligns the meaning or purpose of a company with the corporate strategy and the behaviour of its employees. Key to this framework is the idea of Shared.

To achieve this, the three dimensions of Shared Purpose, Shared Understanding and Shared Behaviour must be synchronized to ultimately and collectively activate the full potential in the company. 

The philosophy and framework developed by Ralf Specht, founder, and author of the Soul System®, has many intersections with my own work, methodology and experience with companies at home and abroad.

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