We help you turn change into opportunties

Looking for stimulus? Just call.

Our strength is to grasp complex issues quickly and to collaborate with clients and employees alike to develop and implement solutions. We deal with brands, organizations, business models and leadership to achieve effective and lasting transformations with results. We are committed to providing clarity and creating relevance.

Many years ago we started our professional journey motivated by questioning conventions and discovering new ideas through interrogating alternative perspectives.

We founded Opportunity Catalysts to put what we have learned into practice with the aim of helping companies and executives benefit from the opportunities that change brings.

Looking for stimulus. Just call.
How we think and work

We firmly believe that any problem can be solved with the right mix of attitude, creativity, and exploration. We take complexity and reduce it to focus on what can be influenced.

Depending on the situation, we adopt the role of a catalyst, coach, moderator, or strategist to help you define your own solutions by providing stimulating tools and inputs as necessary. Rather than nebulous outcomes we always strive for measurable results.

Looking for stimulus? Just call.