Sometimes it requires the help of an expert to find the right solution

Claudia David


I have more than 25 years of experience and proven success in the creative and strategic positioning of global brands in a wide variety of markets and industries (B2C and B2B), on a national and international level: USA, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, UK, Germany.

Based on this extensive international experience, I have gained a deep
practical understanding of both local and international markets, cultures, people, and their organizations.

In addition, I am a qualified leadership coach, team developer and workshop moderator based on my personal leadership and management experience, relevant training, and education. Otherwise, I am active as an honorary advisor and mentor for various social enterprise start-ups and NGOs.

Partners and experts


Each project is handled individually and occasionally an expert with a special knowledge or skills is required. A broad, well-established network of colleagues and experts from wide variety of backgrounds and experiences can be accessed according to your needs and requirements:

Strategy / Business / Research / Sales / Design / Text / Media / IT / E-Commerce / Digitization

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