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Brand Strategy

A proven track record in creative and strategic brand management in a wide variety of industries and sectors (B2c and B2B). Intensive experiences in creative and strategic brand stewardship on a national and international level in various markets and industries including local work experiences in USA, NZL, NL, Australia, Germany.

Brand development / Positioning / Portfolio / Brand architecture / Insights / Communication Strategy / Workshop Moderation / Management Alignment (Stakeholder Management)


E-commerce / Retail / Shopping Centre / Financial Services / FMCG / Automotive / Lifestyle / Health / Tourism

Building Corporate Soul

Every company faces new challenges every day and many of them can only be solved through change within the company itself. 
But how do you lead employees through such a transformation? How do you maintain productivity, culture, and success when new demands are added every day? 
To manage this, everyone needs to share a common understanding, behaviour and purpose. 
This is what the Soul System® is all about: creating a corporate culture that drives business success. The Soul System® is a framework that aligns the meaning or purpose of a company with the corporate strategy and the behaviour of its employees. Key to this framework is the idea of Shared.
To achieve this, the three dimensions of Shared Purpose, Shared Understanding and Shared Behaviour must be synchronized to ultimately and collectively activate the full potential in the company. 

Corporate Culture/Organizational Development / Leadership / OKRs 

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Leadership and Team Development

The modern leadership of employees needs empathy, method and resilience. The right style of leadership makes an huge difference.

We can help coach leaders to listen and probe the right questions to empower their teams to work together more effectively. We draw on more than 15 years of leadership experience in teams across a wide range of verticals and with employees from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Leadership coaching / Team Development / Sparring / Career Coaching / Presentation Training / Mentoring


Executives and Teams from various disciplines: Marketing / Technology / Digital / IT / HR / Health / Sales / Advertising /Retail 

Behavioural Economics

Most problems in business involve changing people’s behaviour, be that customers, suppliers or of course your own employees. However, tools that enable behavioural change are often neglected resulting in vital projects not delivering on their objectives. 

The general rule is that behavioural expertise can’t live in a vacuum – it needs to be used in harmony with the hard business criteria that affect earnings and achieving and maintaining a sustainable competitive position in the marketplace. 

To achieve this, our approach is to work with you and your team to define core problems and generate simple, effective solutions using the combination of understanding customers, respecting organizational dynamics, and applying relevant insight across the organization for lasting results. We do this by working with a behavioural economics specialist who blends deep expertise in marketing, finance, and of course behavioural change to create actions that deliver a financial impact on the business.

Customer Insights / Research / Behaviroual Economics / Change Management


IT Consulting / Finance / Technology >

Moderation / Workshop / Mentoring

Our approach is to help you define your own solutions by providing stimulating tools and inputs as necessary. Rather than nebulous outcomes we always strive for measurable results.

Our key methodologies include interdisciplinary workshops and co-creation using methods, tools to deliver real results in clearly-defined time frames. We will work together in a clear and focused manner with the aim to develop sustainable solutions for measurable results: in single workshops, on-going project meetings as well as comprehensive transformation processes.

Workshop Moderation /Digital Workshops / Virtual Meetings / Hybrid Formats / Moderation


Executives and Teams from various disciplines: Marketing / Technology / Digital / IT / HR / Health / Sales / Advertising

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