My service spectrum and experiences


Brand Strategy

Brands can easily lose their way among a multitude of alternatives.
Together we create clarity about the purpose of the brand, positioning, brand architecture and identity.
A brand needs a robust basis, to enable it to react to changes swiftly while maintaining growth.

Brand development / Positioning / Portfolio / Brand architecture / Insights / Communication


E-commerce / Retail / Shopping Centre / Financial Services / FMCG / Automotive / Lifestyle / Health / Tourism

Digital Transformation

Often said – easily forgotten, but the most important resources of any organisation are the people. Without care, they can easily be lost in a flood of digitalisation.
I can support you in closing the gap between corporate culture and digital transformation in order to combine both for a successful outcome.

Business model / Organizational Development / Leadership / OKRs / Scorecard

Media / Health / OC Network Group

Leadership and Team Development

The modern leadership of employees needs empathy, method and resilience. The right style of leadership makes an huge difference.

I can help coach leaders to listen and probe the right questions to empower their teams to work together more effectively. I draw on more than 15 years of leadership experience in teams across a wide range of verticals and with employees from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

Leadership coaching / Team Development / Sparring / Career Coaching Course (online & offline) / Storytelling / Presentation Training / Mentor

Executives and Teams from various disciplines: Marketing / Technology / Digital / IT / HR / Health / Sales / Advertising


Innovation requires developing a true understanding of customer needs and being able to meet them faster and more effectively than your opposition. You may have the technical experts, but you also need the right innovation systems to support them in thinking about how value can be created for the company and your customers.

Together, we can develop a new innovation-system that enables teams to think holistically and to develop the creative and analytical skills which lead to growth.

Business Model / Sustainability / Customer Insights / Research / Workshop moderation


IT Consulting / Chemical Manufacturing / Media / Tourism/p>

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