Netzwerke sichern Zugänge, organisieren Rat, liefern Informationen.

Eine Mitgliedschaft in einem Netzwerk bedeutet mehr Zugang zu Menschen, Methoden und Ansätzen, mehr Einfluss, mehr Perspektiven und somit auch mehr Wissen.

OC Leadership Network


Networks secure access, organize advice and provide information.
As a member in a network, you gain more access to people, more methods and approaches, more influence, more perspectives, and thus more knowledge.

The OC Leadership Network is an independent and professional organisation for, and with, executives from all branches of the economy related to digitization. Our purpose is to inspire, learn and support each other on the continuous changing world of digitalisation.

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Termine & Themen



29. October

1. Changes in Business Networking?
2. IoT – customer-centered business models

18. November

1.  Die Zukunft verstehen und für sich nutzen


Innovation models
using data sensibly
Cyber Security
The corporate culture in the new working world
more follows.

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